Advanced Search

Full-text keyword searching of video annotation text is enhanced by the prioritization of the result set through controlled vocabulary terms. Searches that use a controlled subject term assigned by a depositor or cataloger are pushed to the top of the result set. Each successful search returns a list of scenes that can be chosen and played back in conjunction with accompanying descriptive metadata. Search results are also prioritized through the ranking of segments by depositors. Higher quality and especially relevant video is given a higher ranking, and lower quality video with less research value is given a lower ranking. Segments with higher rankings are returned at the top of the list according to their relevance to the search.

Search result sets are also accompanied by a pane of faceted controlled vocabulary terms. All controlled vocabulary terms that appear in conjunction with the search terms are displayed, allowing users to continually refine their searches in a methodical way.

The EVIA Project designed a set of controlled vocabulary categories that are particularly relevant to ethnographic video. These categories are populated with terms from controlled lists such as the Library of Congress subject headings, GEOnet, and the Getty Arts and Architecture Thesaurus. From the Browse page, users can browse by these categories and the subject terms that have been assigned within them. Users also can browse by collection and by recording dates.

Keyword Search Tips

Enter any number of search terms. Boolean operators "and" and "or" are recognized, and parentheses may be used to group.


  • fire dance
  • fire and dance
  • (fire or water) and dance

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